Consulting and Software for the

Digital Transformation

We advise you on your IT and IIoT digital transformation projects.

And realize these projects with the latest technologies.

Just as globalization has fundamentally changed the value chains for more than 40 years, today digital transformation is revolutionizing the corporate structures and business models of German SMEs, leading companies and society as a whole.


We advise you holistically, so that you not only remain in the intermediate step digitization but can use the benefits of digital transformation for your business.


Established companies have to face a new digital challenge, adapt their business model, evolve it if necessary, think in other directions, and consider the platform economy.


After an inventory we ask the question: What result do you want to achieve with the introduction of a new or the modernization of your existing software? PRONJECT is your partner in this transformation process.


We accompany you in the purposeful planning, implementation and successful introduction of a suitable IT infrastructure.

IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things

The IIoT is used in industrial companies with the aim of improving productivity and efficiency in operation through intelligent systems and more flexible production techniques. The IIoT brings data, people and intelligent machines together at work.


We support you in designing and developing IIoT applications for your company, for example with technical Facebook applications or predictive maintenance solutions

By using IIoT technologies such as intelligent sensors and REST APIs, more data about processes and products can be automatically collected and analyzed from increasingly networked machines and plants.


We design and implement the IIoT architecture so that the modules can send their calls via REST APIs to flexible and scalable backends and the data for the business logic of the applications are available as quickly as possible.

Mobile Business Apps

The increasing trend towards mobile devices has consequences for companies. The desire of users for mobile use is omnipresent. The application possibilities of the business app are as unique as your company. At the same time as diverse as your business processes.


Rely on PRONJECT to advise and implement WebApps, Android or iOS apps.

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Big Data

The generated data volume grows exponentially. Hardly any area of the company will be more complex in the future and produce more challenges. But hardly any area offers more potential in perspective. Be it for BI, marketing, competition analysis, people analytics, or similar.


PRONJECT assists you in dealing with this area of tension in a goal-oriented and needs-oriented manner.

Cloud Services & Virtualization

Cloud computing is one of the key trends in enterprise IT. The idea of providing IT resources via the internet or intranet and settling them according to demand is becoming more and more popular at a rapid rate.


The virtualization is to realize more flexibility, almost unlimited scalability and lower costs. Performance, flexibility and security are just a few of the things your business needs to consider when choosing the path to the cloud.

PRONJECT advises and accompanies you on your way there.

IT-Transformation / Migration

The development cycles of IT technology are also getting shorter and shorter. Ensuring competitiveness requires the regular adaptation of IT architecture and corporate strategy. The resulting migration processes are highly complex and neuralgic for the companies involved.


PRONJECT advises on planning the IT strategy - with the aim of developing a fully structured and practice-oriented plan for the transformation of your corporate IT.

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Backend Systems

Data management is one of the most complex requirements of business information technology. Empirically, most companies still distinguish a large number of implemented and parallel applications. This is simply inefficient for performance, security and cost aspects.


With PRONJECT you can realize an integrated backend of networked systems - digitization at the cutting edge of time.

Architecture Consulting

We advise and assist you in Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), show the effects of corporate strategy and make IT costs transparent.


Professional planning, conception and implementation of the company-wide system architecture is the basis for future functioning structures, processes and procedures.

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Process Optimization

A successful IT architecture is an integral part of functioning business processes. In addition, the continuous revision of the processes is also required in operational operation.


The added value of IT is only guaranteed if appropriate routines for targeted work have been established. At the heart of this are high availability and reliable performance combined with cost efficiency.

Work Performance

A detailed collection and analysis of employees' creative and service-oriented activities is still a "black box" for most companies. We advise you on optimizing your business processes by digitally recording employee activities at the most granular level. We analyze the effort, efficiency and profitability of the work and thus create a basis for the reorganization of your company-wide work processes


With PRONJECT Work Performance you create complete transparency.